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*New this year!* The DIAMOND Package--Photos and Fashion! Two experienced photographers from start to finish will capture the beginning of your future. A consultation will be given by two professional hair designers who will style and fashion the bride and her bridesmaids. Together with make-up application, this package provides you an efficient way to accommodate and organize your wedding day needs. We consult with you regarding all your wedding day requests. Allow us to manage your photos and fashion in a special journalism package. You'll receive a proof book, 400-500 proofs, 8-5x7s, 2-8x10s, 1-11x14, 2-5x7, 20-page parent albums, engagement photo session for the paper, and a 24-page flush mount composite album. A 4x8 thank you composite will also be included with your personalized note and photos from the engagement session. This is an exceptional way to consolidate your day!